Recent chat room upgrades!

Hey everyone

We have updated the chat rooms and some of you may not be able to access them anymore. The reason for this is because you are seeing an old version of the chat rooms. Please make sure you clear your browsers cache and restart your browser. That way you will be able to access them again!

Hope that helps. If any other technical issues please visit our Chat Forums and post your questions there in the technical section.

We will constantly be tweaking and updating the chat rooms so the final product will be perfect 🙂

Enjoy the new upgrades.

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3 Responses

  1. mark says:

    Your changes make it hard and unfriendly.
    Not to mention that things don’t work no more.
    clicking on the cam feed does not work.
    you can not scroll the user list anymore
    the last selected user stays on top of the list all the time
    please fix it

  2. ozzy01570 says:


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