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Boys Chat Guide

Thank you for choosing the Boys Chat. This room is for boys only and gives users a place without the distractions of girls around :) Please review the chat rules on the main page, if you have not done so already.

Current Administration:

The current Admin of Boys Chat is Rocksingerfan. Please contact him if you have any issues with the boys chat.

Current Moderators:

The following are the current moderators:


Other relevant information:

Some of you may have had trouble connecting to the chat rooms. This may be due to a browser security setting. Please visit Chat Help for more information.

This room has a higher volume of younger users. We will keep a close eye on those acting inappropriately towards our younger users.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback from the contact us page below. For quicker replies, we advise you head over to our forums.

Cams allowed: No

Minimum age: 13

We highly recommend young users to avoid the use of webcams for their own safety and be in the presence of a parent or guardian.

This page will be updated over time.

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