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    Default Tips to keep teeth clean & white

    A beautiful smile with perfect white teeth. A dream of many came into reach with the latest achievements in cosmetic dentistry. Now with new materials and techniques a bad tooth can be fixed almost instantly and with much less pain.
    • Lemon drops added to glass of water & rinse with this can help remove stains of teeth (Brushing teeth with lemon skin could cause pitting of enamel & enamel can wear out which causes severe sensitivity).
    • Bicarbonate soda added to water & the paste used to brush teeth will help whiten teeth.
    • Strawberries consumed once a day in a week or crushed strawberries applied to teeth also help as whiteners.
    • Baking soda used is the reliable method for years to whiten teeth. Add baking soda with some salt & water. This paste makes a tried & proven whitening tooth paste.
    Discoloration of teeth from inside out can take place because of internal staining of dentin. If heavy staining or tetracycline damage is present on patients teeth & whitening is ineffective. There are other methods of whitening teeth e.g. in bonding a thin coating of composite material is applied to the front of a person's teeth & than cured with a blue light. Veneer can also mask tooth discoloration.
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    Default can brush your teeth at least twice a day and avoid coffee and soda [:

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    Flossing is one of the most important things aside from brushing twice a day. If I recall, this is something my dentist wanted me to follow...

    Brush morning and night. (Preferably with electric toothbrushes)
    Brush tongue on both occasions or use a "tongue scraper."
    Listerine or Crest mouthwash afterwards on both occasions.
    Try to brush after eating breakfast. Don't brush then eat, eat first and then brush; that way the mouth has a longer period of staying "clean."
    And get teeth cleaned at least once a year via a dental plan. They will do things from X-rays, tooth polishing and what not.
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    scare yourself s***less and look up rotten teeth on the internet
    then you'll know what to do to keep em clean

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    Thanks for the information...

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    Your teeth whitening methods are very good, but I don’t think baking soda is good for teeth because it occurs tooth decade. Here are some tips to keep teeth clean and white,
    • Brush regularly and as soon after eating as possible - even after snacking.
    • Irrigate deep pockets with a cannula tip and good antimicrobial solution.
    • Floss at least once a day.
    • Brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper.
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    Oh okay thanks guys



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