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    so I brought my dog to the vet last week
    He informed me a lot of dogs are coming back with lyme disease this year
    This is all because of the mild winter we had the ticks are out in full force.
    Now he says this to me every year and I do exactly what he says but I take it with a grain of salt at exactly how many dogs he says have come back positive for lyme.

    Until this week. Mind you I gave my dog her flea and tick med and shes had no problem
    in the past 24 hours Ive pulled 6 (dead but attached) ticks off from her.

    so warning to everyone with pets that do go outdoors
    There is a cure for dogs that have lyme disease but it costs a lot of money and months of medications that your animal most likely will not want to take.
    so save yourself the hassle it only costs about a hundred bucks for the year to get flea/tick meds instead of hundreds and hundreds of dollars for the medication for lyme disease and the vet bills.
    I use and have had no problems with 1800 pet meds
    you get a discount, and cheaper shipping if you buy for the full year.
    PLEASE PLEASE make sure you take every necessary step you can to protect your animals
    lyme disease is very serious
    because if your pet is bringing them into your house you could also wind up with a tick which could lead to having lyme disease

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    What flea stuff do you use?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chelle View Post
    What flea stuff do you use?
    Frontline Plus
    but advantix works good too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenna View Post
    Frontline Plus
    but advantix works good too
    I use Frontline Plus on my white labrador and she hasn't had a problem yet. No itching for her and whatnot.



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