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    Default Do you think my friend is possessed by a demon(s) ?

    I'm not religious at all. All I know is that my best friend Ricky has been acting 'strange' lately. He seems to be becoming more hostile towards other people in school. As a matter of fact, just yesterday he was yelling and cursing at the lunch lady, all because she accidentally dropped his tray. By the way, I've noticed that while he was yelling, his voice sounded like a choir of "Ricky's"
    ( In other words, it sounded like at least 4 other people were saying the same thing as him at the same time ). Other than this, I really don't have any evidence of demonic possession.

    I'm not sure if this helps any but, my friend Ricky not too long ago told me that he had a nightmare where he was being held down to the ground by his ankles by a demon with a child voice who called himself Damian? :/ I doubt anyone knows a demon named damian. but if you can help me find out if my friend ricky is possessed, I'd appreciate it.

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    Go to your nearest church and if he hears gargoyles screaming then I'm afraid to say you're ****ed. Failing that get him to anger management classes and don't be so ridiculous.



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