Singles Chat Guide


The singles chat room was an original room. Considered a medium volume room. The room size can range from 125-250 users throughout the day.
The room is open to users 17 years of age and over.
Full room rules are found on the actual chat pages.

Singles Chat Team:

For a listing of our current Administrator and moderators, please visit the Singles Chat Administration page.

Chat Rooms:

There are currently two available rooms:

1) The classic flashchat version
2) The new modern style version

Both rooms allow webcams and audio voice chat. However, there are strict rules and safety measures that must be followed.
There is no file sharing allowed.

Browser compatibility:

We recommend using Chrome.

Mobile compatibility:


For issues related to connectivity to any of our rooms, we advise you to visit our help page to help solve any issues you may have.

We will be adding more information about this page in the near the mean time, please enjoy and happy chatting!