Teen Chat Guide


The teen chat room was added in 1999 as one of the original rooms of #1 Chat Avenue. The room size can range from 300-500 users and is one the largest size rooms.
It is open to users 13-19 years of age.
Full room rules are found on the actual chat pages.

Teen Chat Team:

For a listing of our current Administrator and moderators, please visit the Teen Chat Administration page.

Chat Rooms:

There are currently two available rooms:

1) Teen Chat - The latest version which has been recently released based on PHP. This will be replaced by an even newer version in the future.
2) The classic version teen chat - The old version what was used for many years. Adobe Flash is currently needed to be installed in order to function. This version will be replace in the very near future with a new chat applicaton we are currently developing. Please note that this version is only available for desktop users.

Both rooms allow webcams and audio voice chat. However, there are strict rules and safety measures that must be followed.

There is no file sharing allowed.

Browser compatibility:

We recommend using Chrome.

Mobile compatibility:


We have a chat safety page your should visit.
As of 2015, 71% of all teenagers stare at a screen for 7.5 hours a day. Please make sure you take some breaks in between your chatting sessions.


For issues related to connectivity to any of our rooms, we advise you to visit our help page to help solve any issues you may have.

Additional Rules and Regulations:

No nudity is to be shown on camera, streaming videos on your camera is prohibited, and your face must be showing on camera.
Sexual or otherwise inappropriate names are prohibited.
Derogatory slurs or any other form of bigotry are not tolerated in chat.
Mention of incest, beastiality, and other sexual themes are prohibited.
Don't harass, antagonize, or argue with other users in excess. Disputes should be solved in private chat.
Discussion of drugs, politics, self-harm, suicide or otherwise controversial topics should be kept minimal in main.
Only English is to be used in main. If you want to use another language, do so in private messages.
Do not clone other users, or moderators.
Be sure to use readable fonts in chat (No fonts that are too bright). The font "Marlett" does not display properly for Chrome users, and therefore should not be used.
Do not offer or ask to trade videos/pictures.

We will be adding more information about this page in the near future..in the mean time, please enjoy and happy chatting!