Chat Room Emoticons and Smileys

Below is a summary of the emoticons that we use inside our chat rooms. They can be sometimes referenced as 'smileys' or 'smiles' and are very much a large part of online text chats and other communication tools used by everyday people. Recently we have seen devices that support what are now commonly known as 'emojis'

What smileys or emoticons are used at #1 Chat Avenue?

Feel free to utilize the following "emoticons" or "smileys" in the flash chat rooms. Currently there are two active flash versions. The first is our adult chat room for 18+ year olds and also the video chat room.

Simply type the characters on the left to display the image on the right. Have fun!

The 123flashchat chat rooms use the following emoticons. Depending on the room, there are a large selection to choose from. Simply click the smile icon to open up the tab to view the choices.

flash chat smileys

Modern style chat room smileys

The following is a screen shot of our new modern style chat room smileys and emoticons. Simply click the happy face button and a whole bunch of emoticons will be available for you to use.

new style smileys

The great thing about our new style rooms is that if there are some emoticons you would like to see in your favorite rooms, please message an Administrator or contact us and we will try our best to add it.

Common emoji's found on your mobile device can also be used in our new modern rooms.

wink emoji

Discontinued emoticons

The emoticons below are no longer able to be used. They were from the old Digichat rooms which have now been discontinued.

digichat smileys