Contact Us Section

Administrator - For direct inquiries to the Administrator. Do not use this email to inquire about why you were banned from a particular chat room (unless you were site banned). You will need to contact the Administrator of the chatroom you were banned from by creating a forums account. Please note: Most temporary chat bans are lifted within a few hours to 1 full day. Chat moderator related questions will NOT be answered as well.

If you are representing a law enforcement agency and have received a complaint from a user please go to our Law Enforcement page and follow the instructions on how to reach out to us. (This is not for use by the general public)

Chat Hosting - Do you want your very own chat room on your website? We have various options for you ranging from hosted chat rooms or software to install on your own server where you will have full control. Create unlimited rooms and have unlimited users. Please state your requirements and we will put you in touch with the necessary people to get you started at an affordable rate for your site needs.

Feedback- Please leave us your suggestions and comments. We would love to hear from you.

Complaints - If you have any complaints about a moderator please make sure you send a private message to the Administrator in charge of that room. You need to register at the Chat Forums to contact them. There is also a specific forum where you can post your complaint. Providing screenshots is usually required when filing a formal complaint against a moderator or an administrator.

Advertising - #1 Chat Avenue is currently one of the most popular and largest community chat sites on the Internet today. We have a wide range of advertising opportunities at very competitive rates. For details on advertising opportunities please contact us.

Business Development - Have a large traffic website and would like to use our chat rooms? Have some partnership ideas? Please contact the Biz Dev team for further information.

Experiencing technical difficulties with the chat rooms? Please visit the Announcements section of the our forums for updates on chat server related issues.

Not a server related issue? Please visit the FAQ's section for further support related to your personal computer.

Technical Support- For answers not found in the Technical FAQ's, please contact Technical Support.

For moderator inquiries, please private message the chat administrator for each respective chat room in the forums.

*** Please note that we have recently had users "spoofing" emails from our contacts listed on this page. Emails from this site will only originate from the email addresses above. We will NEVER ask you to reply to another email address. If you receive such an email, even though it appears to be coming from an above email address, please ignore it. Any emails in doubt please forward to the Administrator. The perpetrators of this crime will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.