Chat Room Smileys and Emoticons

What is an Emoticon (or Smiley)?

An Emoticon (or Smiley) is a sequence of ordinary characters you can find on your computer keyboard. Emoticons are used in e-mail and other forms of communication using computers such as chatting. The most popular emoticon is the smiling face (smiley) that people use to say "don't take what I just wrote too seriously". If you don't see that it represents a smiling face, tip your head to the left and look at it again. The colon represents the eyes, the dash represents the nose, and the right parenthesis represent the mouth. These emoticons show an Emotion through an Icon. Over a hundred of these Emoticons are being used, some of the most common and funny can be found here:

:-) Standard Smiley (you are joking; satisfied)

:) Standard Smiley for lazy people

,-) Winking Smiley. You don't mean it, even if you are joking

;-) Winking Smiley.

:-> Follows a really sarcastic remark

(-: Left handed Smiley

:-( Sad Smiley. You aren't joking; You are not satisfied.

:C Very Sad Smiley

:-* Kissing Smiley

-[ Pouting

:-t Pouting

:-? Pouting

= Very happy (type equal sign than press alt+ 0222)

:o| Bored

;-/ Skeptical

&-) Stoned / drunk smiley

:#) Drunk smiley

:8-( Drunk smiley

>:o( Angry smiley

/:-( Worried Smiley

:-/ Uncertain smiley

/ Confused smiley

>:/ <~~~~~ Confused, lost

:-] I'm undecided

:`-) Happy tear

:'-) Happy tear

X( Fed up / Angry Action Smiley

:X Kissing Smiley

:-() Yelling

:[email protected] Screaming

:^):< Is Naked

>8D Evil or crazed laughter

X) Being mischievous

:-D Laughing

|-I Asleep

:] Talk to me

:OI Mouth Full

:p~~ Drooling

:-)... Drooling

:)> Smiley with beard

d:-) Wearing a baseball hat

?) Lazy Eyed Smiley

:-()=0 Fat smiley

$-) Won the lottery

:-#/ Wears braces

/ Runny nose

O-) Cyclops

&: ) Curly haired smiling girl

:-Q Is a smoker

;-Q Smoking smiley

:-? Pipe smoking smiley

8-) Wearing (sun) glasses

8-) Bandit or Masked Man

B-) Smiley with sunglasses on his head

~:() Fish lips

:-{) Has a mustache

() Very happy, with big cheeks

:=) Has two noses

X-( Just died

[:-) Wearing a walkman

.-) Smiley with one eye

(:-) Bald smiley

{(:-) Smiley with a toupee

{(:{) Smiley with a mustache and a toupee

}(:-( Smiley with a toupee when it is windy

!-| Smiley with a black eye

:-{} Wearing lipstick

$-0 Writer only talks money

:-& Writer only want to hear himself

=:-O Scared

:-) . I have an inny (belly button)

:-) , I have an outy (belly button)

:-)8 Smiley with bow tie

:-p Sticking out tongue (type equal and minus sign, than press alt+ 0222)

:-)~ Tongue sticking out straight

:-)~ Tongue sticking out

=-) Curly haired smile

:-(E A sloppy eater

:o) Smiley with a big nose

s-] Silly smiley

B-} Have got eyes for you

%-) Crosseyed

@-}-- I give you a rose

@--->--->-- A rose with stem and leaves

@}-'-,-'-,--- Another long stemmed rose

------{[email protected] Another rose

| |+| | Canadian Flag

~/:-) Party (hat) smiley

<{:-) Another Party (hat) smiley

=:~> Bunny

<:3)~~~~ Mouse

{:V Duck 3:-o Cow

3:(:) ) Cow

:>== Turkey

:@) (happy) pig

:(:) ) Happy pig

:(:)( Sad pig

~:O) A baby

~(:O A baby crying

+<:-) A nun

P-( A pirate

[{:-) A happy businessman

<]:-o) Goofy witch

<]:-) Happy witch

(|:)> Beatnick wearing a baret

<):o) Cowboy

~ Wink (use alt+ 147, 168, 126)

l <(*-*)> Person with big ears

^ ^ Angel (press alt+94 - alt+143 - alt+94)

(_zzz_) A tired ass

(_?_) A dumb ass

(_E=mc _) A smart ass

(_o^^o_) A wise ass

^-^ happy smiley

(*O*) Singer singing loud

OoO Surprised

;_; crying

T_T overwhelm or exaggerated cry

^_~ wink

^_- wink

:O surprised (use alt + 15,168,15)

(::::[]::::) band-aid

^o^ Great / Cool

-_- Sleepy

*_* Just woke up

$_$ Money faced

>_< Ouch!

*_* Hyper

*o* Hyper and screaming

`~~)_)~~ Toilet paper

?_? Doubtful / uncertain

....Well there they are. Pretty impressive huh? :) I thought go use some of them in your favorite chat rooms or maybe you can even come up with some on your own smileys. If we have missed any other commonly used emoticons, please let us know.