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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Video and Audio Chat Users

1. What kind of browser do I need to use the video chat rooms and how do I get Flash?

  • To install FLASH please follow the instructions below:

    A) Installation of Macromedia Flash Player may require administrative access to your PC. It is recommended that you close all other open browser windows before continuing with the installation.

    B) Click the Install Now button that will automatically download and install the Flash Player into Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. You will not have to install the Toolbar option for it to work. Simply uncheck the box to disallow installation of that toolbar onto your computer.


    C) Depending on the security settings set in your browser, you may see a Security Warning dialog box. Click Install to install the ActiveX control.

    active x

    D) When the installation is complete, you will see the Flash Player logo and text.

    Mac Safari Users: Please make sure you allow all websites to have Flash Player access or the chat rooms will not work. Go to Safari > Preferences > Security > Plug-in Settings

    mac safari flash

    You may also be prompted if you want to use Flash. Click the flash player button first and on the second prompt, click "Use Every Time"

    desktop safari flash

    use every time button

    2. Do I have to register to participate?

      No, you can participate as a "Guest" user. If you are a frequent visitor to our chat rooms, you may wish to register your particular user name. This allows you to keep the same identity whenever you come back, and the guest users can't use your username. To register, you must be a member of the #1 Chat Avenue Forums. Go the the #1 Chat Avenue Forums to sign up your username. UPDATE: This service has been temporarily disabled.

    3. How do I login and logout?

  • For ALL users: There is no need to register an account. Simply enter a screen name and then click the "Chat Now" button.
  • For mobile and tablet users: Also, as simple as clicking the CHAT NOW found on the chat room page.
  • 4. Im connected, how do I send messages?

    After connecting to the video chat, you can type a message in the input text field near the right middle of the chat window. You can hit "enter" on keyboard or the button "send" to send the message out. Your message appears on the chat screen following your screen name. Press "new line" to start a new line.

    5. Can I flood the chat rooms?

    Absolutely not! There are security features that prevent flooding. Please wait a few seconds before each message. The maximum characters you can type is 200. Any users attempting to flood will be kicked out or banned.

    6. How do I ignore another user or why does someone not respond when im talking to him/her?

    If there is any repulsive chatter in the room, simply select his screen name in the user-list and click "Block" from the menu that will automatically appear on the left. Every message the chatter posts to you, whether private or public, will not appear on your screen. If you change your mind, you can select this user and click "Unblock" to disable the ignore feature. If you continued to post message to someone but got no response, you probably is ignored by him or her, that means you had better watch your behaviours and words.

    7. How do I private chat and/or video chat with someone?

    You will be able to private chat with someone by clicking on their screen name and then clicking "Private chat". This will open a new window where you can chat one on one with another user without being disturbed. You can adjust the private chat window by placing your mouse over the bottom right corner and adjusting the size accordingly. To video chat privately with the other user, simple click the cam icon on the private chat window.

    8. I am getting annoyed with some users private messaging me. How do I disable that feature?

    Simply block the user. Please see #6 for instructions.

    9. It says I am banned from the chat. How long is the ban for?

    For less severe actions, the minimum ban is 2 hour. For more severe cases, it is a lifetime ban.

    10. How do I broadcast my A/V?

    In order to start broadcasting your Audio and/or Video you will need to first turn it on. To do this click on the webcam button in the top corner panel.

    audio and video chat

    The first time you do this you will be asked to grant permission to use your Mic and Webcam. The dialog box will look like this,
    webcam settings

    After you grant permission the AV will start. You will be able to see your own feed in the 'Me' area.

    11. Am I allowed to show myself nude on cam?

    Absolutely NOT! You will be banned and possibly reported to your Internet Service Provider if you are caught.

    12. Which chat rooms currently use this chat software?

    Right now all of our chat rooms utilize 123FlashChat. You can access them from the main page.

    13. I am trying to connect to the chat rooms but it just hangs and does not fully load (i.e says page is 80% done loading..)?

    Try to clear your browser cache and refresh the page. If that does not work you can temporarily try to use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

    14. How can I turn off the sounds from the chat?

    Simply click the wrench icon in the top right corner and select "Turn Off Sounds".

    sound settings

    15. I was suddenly disconnected from the chat rooms after several minutes?

    We encourage our users to participate in the chat. Those that are just idling around watching will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity. If you do not want to speak that is fine, but try to do some action such as checking out a users profile or simply moving your mouse around.

    16. I am on my desktop computer yet i am seeing the mobile version of the chat room..why?

    This may be due to the resolution of your desktop computer. If it is set too low the website automatically detects that as a smaller device, and will show the mobile version of the website instead of the desktop version. To resolve this problem, simply turn up the resolution on your computer screen.

    17. I have a question that was not answered on this page. Where can I ask this question?

    Send an email to SUPPORT to ask your question. If it is asked enough, it will be added to this page.