A Guide for Law Enforcement Officials

This is an important section of the site because it helps to ensure the safety of our users and the general public. We continually work with law enforcement agencies around the world. Due to the popularity of #1 Chat Avenue, we have tens of thousands of users coming and going throughout the day. While the vast majority of users do not have any issues, we occasionally have some "bad apples" pass through our website to disrupt other users or attempt to commit illegal acts.

law enforcement image

How can I file a request?

We only take requests from official law enforcement. If you are part of a law enforcement agency, we would love to work with you to promote safety for all users using the Internet and take the Internet away from users who abuse it. If you have a particular inquiry about an incident, please send an email to admin[@]chat-avenue.com

What do I need to provide?
  • Your name and the law enforcement agency you represent
  • Brief summary of the details of the incident that occurred on this website
  • Time and Date of the incident
  • Chat Room this incident took place in. (For example: teen chat)

All requests should be made in the body of the email or in PDF format only. Please do not send Microsoft Word documents.

When can I expect a response?

We handle each request as they come in. Depending on the nature of the request and what data is required on our end, it can range from a day to up to a week to receive a response.

I am not part of law enforcement, what can I do if I have an incident in the chat rooms to report?

We recommend that all users follow our chat safety guidelines and follow the rules of our chat rooms to keep safe. If you have an incident of an illegal nature to report, we suggest to do so with your local law enforcement. They can then get in touch with us using the methods outlined above.