Tips when you’re new in Chat Avenue

What are some tips in making friends in the chatroom
1. Choose a name– choosing a name is somewhat creating an identity for you online. So its best if you chooose one that is non-pervy or aggressive(unless that is your target). Because most chatters would not want to chat with guest because they feel that it is someone they cannot trust or someone that is suspicious. one chatter comes in with the a ethnic name for where she lives shes easily identified as someone from that area and is easily remembered as that person.
2. Say hi to everyone– some may disagree on this because some regular chatters will ignore you but its always better if you will be nice to everyone and acknowledge people (remember you’re the new kid on the block). take time to say hi to everyone that says hi to you nothing will eb lost if you do.
3. Share a little of yourself– im not implying you tell all your details maybe where your from your age what you do and the things that you like helps in the long run. This is a conversation opener which will allow you to talk to people who have similiar likes or dislikes sometimes. people bond over the silliest things in chat maybe even the simpliest details.
4. Be ready to have a thick skin– just like in eal life chat also have bullies there is no disillusion that chat is a fairyland you will meet bullies,pervs and trolls from all walks of life in chat as well. you have to be ready for that and be ready to laugh it off.Yes you heard me right its best if you laugh it off because lets face it its chat. what people will say about you in it is probably not true and if they are what the heck they dont know you or your story so it doesnt matter what they say.
5. Ignore the trolls– best way to enjoy your chat experience is to ignore the trolls. The more you feed them the more they will bother you. Chat avenue has the option of ignoring, so use this to your advantage.
6. Observe the room and the chatters– this might sound crazy but its best if you observe how the room dynamics work. Each room has a different feel to it and a different dynamic so its best that you observe how it goes and what is happening. know who to approach and talk and who seems friendly enough.
7. learn the rules of the room– a lot of chatters go in head first without knowing how to play the game, meaning they dont learn the rules of the room and often gets in trouble because of it, which may create an image for you as a trouble maker. A mod or an admin is always best to ask or if not go to forums most chatroom rules are listed there.

Enjoy chatting and see you around Chat avenue

P.S. Special thanks. This article was published by Dating Mod EllieJeana

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