Common Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these chat rooms safe and free?

This site is for general audiences but you MUST be 13 or over to participate in the chat rooms. The chat rooms do not collect any personal information and does not share any other information (from emails it receives or forum registration) to third parties. Go back to the main page for a complete list of free chat rooms available. #1 Chat Avenue does it's best to supply it's users with a safe environment for chatters of all ages. The rooms are staffed by volunteer moderators who may or may not be present in the chat room at the time of your use. Please remember that a child's safety is the responsibility of the child's parents. Please do not give out any personal information to strangers, no matter how trustworthy they may seem. This site is extremely safe when you follow the rules found on our Chat Safety page.

2. Are there any age requirements?

This site is for general audiences but you MUST be 13 or over to participate in the chat rooms. Some rooms have specific minimum and/or maximum age limit requirements and will be indicated as such. When you enter a chat room, you agree to the age disclaimer written right below the chat room.

3. Do you have a privacy policy?

Aside from IPs being logged to investigate violating chat users, the chat rooms do not collect any personal information and does not share any other information (from emails it receives or forum registration) to third parties. For further info, the please read our Privacy Policy.

4. Where can I report someone violating the age limit requirements or is attempting to exploit minors?

Although it is very difficult to verify a persons age, we at #1 Chat Avenue take these violations very seriously. Please report any violators to a moderator or the Admin. Please provide the chat users name, the room, and time of incident. We will investigate the matter through our logs. The most important is to follow proper chat safety etiquette. Please refer to the Chat Safety page.

5. Can I advertise my own site in the chat rooms?

Absolutely not! Those that are caught advertising will be kicked or banned from the room permanently.

6. Can I flood the chat rooms by repeating the same messages over and over?

No. There are security features in place to prevent that from happening. However, it still can be done but at a much slower pace. Those that are caught will be kicked and/or banned. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently.

7. I see other names in different colors, who are they?

These are our moderators and/or administrators. They basically watch over the chat rooms to make sure every chatter is behaving.

8. I want to become a moderator or an administrator. How do I apply?

Becoming a mod or admin requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you feel you have what it takes, please contact that admin of the room you want to apply for. The names can be found on the Contact Us page.

9. It says that I have been banned or kicked. How long does that last?

Minimum kick is for 2 hours but most last for 1-3 days. Bans can range as high as a lifetime ban for more serious chat violations.

10. Do I need a password and username to chat?

Our chat rooms do require a password to participate, although our modern chat rooms have the option to register your username. We try to give you the user, the upmost ease-of-use chat rooms found on the web today. In the past we had chat exploiters who locked the chat rooms with a password. That was with our old Digichat software. What they were doing was illegal and their IPs are logged and sent to the authorities. We had installed the latest patch that prevents this from happening. This does not happen with our latest 123flashchat rooms. The modern based chat rooms also give easy access through anonymous chatting. A password is only required if you register your username.

11. Can I use my mobile or tablet device to chat?

Yes, all of the chat rooms are fully compatible with Android, iOS and Windows tablets and smart phones. Simply click the CHAT NOW button found on each page. It will instantly connect you to the chat.

Here is what the button appears as:
chat now button
This will only appear on devices of screen resolutions 320px to 980px (which inclues the majority of mobile and tablet devices).
This button will not be found on desktop and laptop computers. You many continue to access the chat rooms via the embedded nickname field and "Chat Now" button.

For those having trouble with connecting with their mobile device, please go to our exclusive Mobile Chat to connect.

12. Do you work with law enforcement agencies to catch criminals hiding behind their computers to exploit other users?

Yes, we do. We will cooperate fully with any accredited law enforcement agency to catch users exploiting other users in our chat rooms. We have worked with agencies from around the world in the past including Interpol, the FBI and Homeland Security. We will not hesitate to do so in the future. If you have any issues that you feel may cause harm to others, we suggest you seek professional help to deal with those issues. The last thing you want is to end up in prison. We also advise our users to follow the safety precautions and rules of the site. The intention of our rooms is for you all to enjoy in a comfortable and safe environment.