Chat Guide for #1 Chat Avenue

Welcome to our chat guide page which will provide important information for our chat rooms and related services.
Listed below are pages that we strongly urge you to read carefully in order to make your chat experience with our website more enjoyable and safe.

Safety is very important to consider whenever you are joining an online chat session. Please be sure to visit our Chat Room Safety page. Here you will find Some tips and suggestions that you should follow in order stay safe and healthy when chatting online with text or cams.

Classic Chat Help - The most frequently asked questions on how to utilize the flash chats and their features.

Modern Chat Help - Some of the most FAQ's on how to utilize the new modern style chat rooms and their addons and features.

Chat Room FAQ's - The most frequently asked questions that we receive about participating in our chat rooms.

Digichat FAQ's Help Page - The most frequently asked questions about the technical aspects of our Digichat free chat rooms and its available features. (This software has now been deprecated and will not longer work)

Chat Room Etiquette - Common rules for What you should and shouldn't do when participating in online chat rooms.

Chat Emoticons (Smileys) - Large collection of smileys with descriptions that can be used in chat rooms and emails.

Chat Abbreviations - Listing of commonly used chat abbreviations with meanings.

Chat History - Brief history of where chat originated from and what the future holds.

Privacy Policy - Please read this sites privacy policy in full.

Terms of Service - Please read our chat room terms of use in full. You agree to these terms before entering our rooms.

Disclaimer - Please read our full disclaimer for this website and its related services.

Fun Stuff - Some additional pages to keep you entertained. It doesn't have to be all chatting here.