Chat Guide

Listed below are pages that we strongly urge you to read in order to make your chat experience with us more enjoyable:

Chat Room Safety - Things you should follow to stay safe and healthy when chatting.

Flash Chat Help - The most frequently asked questions on how to utilize the flash chats and their features.

Chat Room FAQ's - The most frequently asked questions about participating in our chat rooms.

Chat Technical FAQ's - The most frequently asked questions about the technical aspects of our chat rooms and its available features.

Chat Room Etiquette - Common rules for What you should and shouldn't do when participating in online chat rooms.

Chat Emoticons (Smileys) - Large collection of smileys with descriptions that can be used in chat rooms and emails.

Chat Abbreviations - Listing of commonly used chat abbreviations with meanings.

Chat History - Brief history of where chat originated from and what the future holds.

Privacy Policy - Please read this sites privacy policy in full.

Terms of Service - Please read this sites terms of use in full.

Disclaimer - Please read our disclaimer fully.